Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Summerlin Real Estate Agent

The biggest and most important sale and purchase you’ll ever make in your life is your home. For many people, a mortgage is the most money they’ll ever borrow at once.

It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous about making one of the biggest financial deals of your life. You need an expert to help you navigate these uncharted waters. You need a real estate agent.

But how do you know if you’ve found a good real estate agent? How do you know you’ll find the best deal possible?

Keep reading to learn the major questions you should ask a Summerlin real estate agent so you can score the best deal of your life.

What Is Your Real Estate Experience?

Much of a real estate agent’s success comes from their experience. If you want the top agent in Summerlin, you want a real estate agent who has been buying and selling properties for at least five years in the Summerlin market. They will best understand what a great home looks like in that area and how they can find you the size, style, and price point you want if you’re looking for a home.

A good real estate agent with experience will also have a process in place that helps with home valuation. Such a process will take all parts of your home from its style, age, condition, and location into consideration. They’ll then come up with a realistic number that will make your home appealing for buyers and yet lucrative for you as a seller.

Property Experience

Ask the agent about what type of properties they’ve sold. You want an agent that has experience selling home properties and not just any property in the Summerlin area. After all, there’s a big difference between selling a deluxe golf estate and selling a home.

Finally, ask about their experience over the last six months. They should be able to tell you about the specific properties they’ve sold over the last six months. This information will reveal much about the real estate agent’s current experience.

How Many Clients Do You Handle At One Time?

You want a real estate agent that has dealt with many clients but not all at once. Asking about the number of clients the agent currently has will tell you if they have the time and energy you need for them to care for your property needs.

If the real estate agent has a dozen or more clients, ask them about how they juggle those clients. Ask if they have a team of agents or associates to help them as well.

This is also a good time to ask for references from past Summerlin clients. They should be able to give you a client or two to visit with that can tell you about their experiences with the real estate agent.

How Often and When Are You Available?

Ask the agent about their contact preferences and how often they’re available. If you’re looking for a particular house, how soon can they show you the desired property? In today’s market, you need an agent that can show you a property quickly before someone else snatches it up.

Avoid the part-time Summerlin realtor. You need an agent that sells homes and helps buy homes for a full-time job. They will dedicate their time to treating their client well.

What Are Your Qualifications?

A real estate agent should have more than a few years of experience to be a qualified realtor. They also need proper licensing.

Ask the real estate agent if you can see their license. They should be trained, accredited professionals.

Also, ask about a list of referrals. This should include the client names you asked for previously as well as other professionals that would recommend them. Such a list will give you insight into the agent’s professionalism.

Special Accreditations

Some agents go above and beyond the regular licensing process. Every agent should have a license from the local state regulatory board.

Some agents will also be to the NAR or the National Association of Realtors. Such an association means the agent is serious about their job. They can earn designations in areas such as property management, buyer representation, seniors market, and second-hand homes.

Belonging to the NAR also means the agent is committed to continuous training and a code of ethics beyond what other agents have. They want to master their craft, and they demonstrate this with a NAR membership.


What Is Your Negotiating Style?

You won’t find what you’re looking for in just a few days. The entire house purchasing or selling process could take months. So you want to ask your agent about their negotiating skills to see if they can speed up the process.

A good real estate agent will understand Summerlin and Las Vegas neighborhoods. They’ll be able to recommend specific areas for you according to your desires. Then, they’ll use their negotiating skills to help you win home over other buyers and close a deal faster than an unskilled agent.

Unless we’re in an extremely difficult market, your agent should be able to find you a house or sell your house in less than six months. So ask them about this timeline.

Find a Great Summerlin Real Estate Agent

To find the best real estate agent in Summerlin, begin with these questions. Ask about experience, current client load, and negotiating skills. These basic questions will help you narrow down the pool to the agent that can help you find your dream Las Vegas or Summerlin home.

Are you looking for a quality Summerlin real estate agent? If so, contact us. We have the expertise and connections you need to either buy or sell your home in Summerlin or Las Vegas.

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