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Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to an HOA Community in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

People have different notions about living in an HOA community in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. As much as there is a bright side to living in such an environment, you also need to consider the disadvantages.

Another thing to think about before moving to an HOA community is what standard or quality of living you prefer. Some HOAs have an organized and well-maintained neighborhood, while others may have poor management overrun with issues. Before you make your decision to move to an HOA community, understand the pros and cons of living in that environment.

What is an HOA?

An HOA (homeowners association) is an organization that oversees maintenance and enforcing rules within a group of homes. HOAs are quite common in planned condominium complexes and townhouses, but they also are typical in planned communities of single-family houses. The HOA is made up of owners who reside within or own property in that community.

Advantages of Living in an HOA Community

Typically, the association has jurisdiction over and maintains all common areas. These include pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, park areas, and all the adjoining landscaping. In many HOAs the association also maintains landscaping in the front of the home while the owner maintains their private backyard area. Some advantages

  • You Don’t Have to Mow the Lawn: For people who do not enjoy the tedious job of maintaining their landscape – you are in luck. The HOA community takes full responsibility for maintaining the landscape within the shared areas. You might be allowed to personalize your backyard or patio – but typically, the HOA covers all other maintenance, including pest control and tree pruning.
  • You Pay Monthly Fees That Include Utilities: In most HOA communities, homeowners are expected to make a monthly payment that covers all their expenses for that month. For some people having a defined estimate every month that covers utilities and other housing expenses makes it easy for them to have a financial plan.
  • You Have Access to Amenities: Living in an HOA environment gives you access to various recreational amenities like golf, table tennis, swimming pool, a gym, and clubhouse. You do not have to worry about cleaning or management as your association does all of these from your monthly funds.

Disadvantages of HOA Community Living

Just as there are advantages to living within an association, a homebuyer needs to be prepared for challenges that come with areas in common.

  • Fees: The fees charged by most HOA communities factor in expenses like maintenance of recreational facilities and cleaning of the shared spaces. Be sure you can make these monthly payments before moving to an HOA community.
  • No Personal Touch to Your Home Exterior: Most HOA communities restrict homeowners from adding a unique touch to the outside of their homes. If you are the type who likes to make changes to your home regularly, an HOA community with those restrictions may not be the right environment for you.
  • Poorly Managed Community: Not everyone has the privilege to reside in an HOA community that’s adequately operated and maintained. Speak to other owners in a community about how the HOA functions before buying there.
  • Less privacy: Most homeowners living in HOA homes share walls or buildings with other homeowners. If you love privacy, this might be challenging for you.
  • You live by the rules: There are always rules to adhere to when living in an HOA community. You want to avoid such an environment if you are bad at sticking to rules.

Depending on your lifestyle and what you want in a home an HOA community might be perfect for you. Not everyone can live in an HOA community, however. Carefully consider the pros and cons of living in such a community before committing. Also reach out to me to learn about other people’s experiences with the HOA before you commit to that house.