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Homes listed for sale at the Las Vegas Country Club

Homes listed for sale at the Las Vegas Country Club. The longest-running country club in Las Vegas is credited with shaping the infamous city into what it is today. Having endured for an extremely long period in a city known for obliterating and fabricating once more – The Las Vegas Nation Club stays as a first class individuals just club. Many other amenities, including indoor tennis courts, a lap pool, a fitness center, and a driving range, share a home with our extensive and meticulously maintained course, which was designed by the legendary Ed Ault.

Over the course of the past five decades, the Club evolved into a haven for the city’s kingmakers, developers, bankers, mobsters, doctors, lawyers, and seemingly every other notable Las Vegan who has left an indelible mark on the city—and occasionally the world. When taken as a whole, the men and women of The Las Vegas Country Club, more than any other private club, contributed to shaping not only the stunning future of a country club but also the future of a burgeoning city that was well on its way to making an impact on the international stage. This was more so than any other private club.

Our Club was founded in 1967 by Marvin Kratter, a former owner of the Boston Celtics. At first, it was known as the Las Vegas International Golf and Tennis Club. Dean Martin played the course every day in those early days, establishing the Club as a place to be and be seen.

In 1970, the individuals purchased the spot drove by amazing Las Vegas figures Merv Adelson, Moe Dalitz, Irwin Molasky and Allard Roen. At that point, the Club established itself as a vital part of the Las Vegas social scene.

The membership was sold to the Samick Music Company in 2017 and a new exciting era began with renovations and new excitement throughout the membership and property. This includes recently purchasing a replica of the FBI plane that landed in the middle of the lake on the 10th hole and placing it in the lake alongside a plaque that explains the bizarre story.