7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Summerlin Real Estate Agent

Yes, it’s true. The housing market has officially started to slow down. The rising rates on mortgages seem to be the most significant factor.

So what now? Is it time to put your big move or forever home purchase on hold?

Not at all. In this market, it simply means you need to do things slightly differently. And one change of tack you’ll need to make is to secure the best Summerlin realtor. Here’s how to avoid seven common mistakes along the way.

1. Not Planning Ahead

You’ll need to be your most organized when planning your house sale. And your most important first task will be to research realtors and book a shortlist of three or four to visit your home for a valuation and consultation.

You must avoid making impromptu appointments one after another, as this will slow you down and make it harder to decide on the best realtor for your house sale.

Instead, start your research by opening up a spreadsheet to list names, contact details, websites, and other factors (whether they are local or how many years of experience they have).

This systematic approach will help you make a side-by-side comparison to help narrow the field to the best real estate agent in Summerlin.

And when you have your shortlist, book all appointments in the same week so you can quickly continue on to the next step of your house sale.

2. Not Communicating Your Expectations

Any top agent in Summerlin will want to do an excellent job for you. But to do that, they need to know your expectations, as it isn’t always as straightforward as selling a house.

For some customers, their priority will be speed. Perhaps you must move by a specific date to start a new job.

For others, getting a good offer might be the most important. Perhaps you need a minimum sale price to make your move financially viable.

Be open and clear about your expectations, which will help your realtor get the best deal for you.

3. Choosing the Realtor Who Recommends the Highest Asking Price

When you start assembling a shortlist of realtors, they will visit your home to assess it. That will include giving you a recommended asking price.

Sometimes, when you’ve had valuations from multiple realtors, the estimates can vary wildly by as much as 10% or even 20% in some cases.

Naturally, we all want to sell our homes for as much money as possible. But when you get varied valuations, don’t feel tempted to pick the one that suggests the highest asking price. Price isn’t everything.

Think of it this way. Would you rather get five viewings over 12 months before you get that high asking price?

Or would you rather get 30 viewings in one or two months for a slightly lower asking price?

The best Summerlin realtor will always suggest a realistic and fair home price to get you viewings and a competitive offer in your timescales. When a valuation seems too good to be true, it probably is.

4. Going With Your Old Realtor

If you connected with the realtor who sold your previous home, you might prefer to stick with what’s familiar and hire them again.

However, your previous realtor isn’t necessarily the right person for your new house sale. Perhaps they don’t know Summerlin or lack real estate experience selling your type of home.

Always start your realtor search from scratch, even if a well-liked past realtor makes it onto the shortlist.

5. You Don’t Check for Local Knowledge

Realtors are sales professionals, so are fantastic at sales pitches! And you need someone with natural sales skills, as they will need to talk to buyers about the beautiful features of your home.

However, don’t let an impressive sales pitch or glossy brochure stop you from doing your due diligence.

Because there are two things that you need to watch for when interviewing realtors: do they know the area, and do they have experience in selling houses in that area?

Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge or choosing a realtor already working and living in Summerlin.

That can be the make-or-break factor of a successful sale. The realtor should be able to talk confidently about local schools or how many minutes it takes to get to the nearest park or shopping center (and why it’s so fantastic to visit).

6. You Choose a Family Friend

You know the scenario.

You’re at Uncle Matthew’s annual barbecue and mention that you’re thinking of moving house. “I know just the person,” he says, referring to an old school friend.

You nod politely and accept a scribbled piece of paper bearing the realtor’s phone number.

It’s admirable to use family connections or to occasionally buy products from a friend. But look at it this way. Your house is your biggest asset, and moving house is a significant life event.

You need, above all else, a realtor who is experienced and knowledgeable and who’ll do a fantastic job for you.

You want someone who understands the market and has a track record in selling houses like yours. That means researching the best realtor in your area.

As lovely as Uncle Matthew is, tell him, sorry, but you’ll need to pass this time.

7. Failing to Check Licensing

Before you sign the realtor contract with your chosen Summerlin real estate agent, you’ll want to check everything is above board. That’s vital as you don’t want your sale to fall through at the eleventh hour because the paperwork isn’t in order.

You should ask your realtor for their license details to operate in Nevada. They should be able to share their license number from their paperwork.

You must also check that they have all their insurance details in place.

Choosing the Best Summerlin Realtor

A successful home sale is one of the most important transactions you’ll ever complete. So it makes financial sense to take your time to find the best option when choosing a Summerlin realtor.

Why not start your research by seeing what our experienced real estate team can offer to you? Head here to see why our reputation in Summerlin is unrivaled.

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