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Las Vegas Real Estate: A Market Snapshot and Guide

Average home prices in Clark County rose by over 26% during the past year.

During a time when remote work is becoming more common, folks are looking to move to neighborhoods where housing is more affordable. And Las Vegas real estate is worth more than it has been in a long time.

What do you need to know if you are interested in home buying or selling in the Las Vegas area?

Let’s take a look.

1. Las Vegas Real Estate Continues to Be Hot

Home prices in Las Vegas neighborhoods are in the top 1% of communities in the area. And most of the homes in Las Vegas have been on the market for 30 days or less.

Why are folks moving to the area? For one thing, the cost of living is low compared to many other states in the nation. Property taxes and electricity are quite affordable, as are the costs for things like utilities and groceries. In addition, Nevada is one of only nine states in the nation that doesn’t have income tax!

Las Vegas also boasts beautiful weather. The regular sunshine is a welcome break for those who come from colder states. And winters are short and mild, with very little rain.

There’s a reason why Las Vegas is such a popular tourist attraction, and you can enjoy the entertainment year-round as a resident. You’ll enjoy delicious cuisine in restaurants owned by world-renowned chefs like Gordan Ramsey and Giada Di Laurentiis. The food is as delicious as it is in any major city throughout the United States.

You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of music, casinos, and festivals, even if you’re on a budget. Las Vegas also boasts wonderful arenas and golf courses for sports fans. Active people will also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

Because of the low cost of living and wonderful weather, Las Vegas remains a popular place for retirees. Yet young families and professionals are beginning to take advantage of all that the area has to offer.

2. 3-Bedroom Homes Remain the Most Popular Option

Las Vegas remains a popular spot for condos, which are attractive to young couples and retirees. They offer sufficient space as well as minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements.

However, it’s important for both buyers and sellers to know that 3-bedroom homes are currently the most popular options in Las Vegas. These offer space for children to grow up or guests to visit. If your bedrooms aren’t all occupied, they make a great place for hobby rooms and provide better resale value.

3-bedroom homes in Las Vegas are often part of planned communities. These are designed to provide regular conveniences to residents, including schools, grocery stores, and healthcare. Many also offer tennis courts, gyms, and swimming pools.

The purpose of a planned community is to allow individuals to spend less time running errands and more time enjoying leisure activities. You’ll have plenty of things to do right outside your door, including markets, festivals, and classes.

Many of these communities will also include outdoor maintenance in a Homeowners Association (HOA) membership. This means you won’t have to worry about things like shoveling snow or mowing the lawn because someone else is taking care of it. Many individuals find that this makes the fee well worth it since it will save them money on things like hiring a landscaping crew.

Outdoor spaces like hiking trails and footpaths don’t go unattended in planned communities. In fact, you’ll find them pleasant places to get some exercise and enjoy the scenery. In addition, you’ll enjoy the safety and security of things like a 24-hour patrol or neighborhood watch.

3. Know Your Neighborhoods

If you’re new to the Las Vegas area, it’s important to know that each neighborhood has its own distinctive feel and advantages.

For example, North Las Vegas is a young area, with the average age being around 32 years old. The area is quieter than the Strip but provides great schools and plenty of entertainment for families. It’s also only a short drive from all of the action at the Strip.

Summerlin is a wonderful master-planned community created by some of the area’s top builders. It offers amenities like beautiful pools and playgrounds as well as convenient shopping, a hospital, and an athletic center.

Summerlin is known for its excellent schools, golf courses, and slightly cooler weather. It’s especially appealing for those looking for a home that will retain its value.

If you’re really looking to be in the middle of the action, The Strip is a popular place for buyers. All you need to do is walk out your door and you can enjoy all of the shows, casinos, and eateries that Las Vegas has to offer.

Folks living on the strip range widely in age from 25-55. Available homes include condos in high-rise buildings with pools and shopping downstairs. You’ll enjoy fabulous views and luxury amenities. These include things like valet parking, workout rooms, and glasswork.

Whichever neighborhood you decide to settle in, you’ll be within a short distance of all that the city has to offer.

Las Vegas Real Estate

The Las Vegas housing market continues to thrive. Which so much to do and see in the area, you’ll never be at a loss for entertainment. The new planned communities in the area are impressive and make Las Vegas real estate something you’ve got to check out for yourself.

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