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Las Vegas bar hopping proposal

The world’s entertainment capital is looking to Music City to build neighborhoods of bars where people can “bar-hop” and listen to live music.

Numerous bars would be permitted to operate in commercial areas under the proposal. Distance separation requirements apply to Clark County bars, taverns, and supper clubs outside of the resort corridor and the Las Vegas Strip. The distance between two establishments can be anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 feet, depending on the surrounding area. The Town Square and Downtown Summerlin shopping centers are two locations that are granted distance exceptions.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, county commissioner, urged officials in charge of business development to get in touch with leaders in Nashville so that they can help create policies that would work well for Las Vegas.

Check out what some of your rivals are doing. Kirkpatrick stated, “We want to maintain our competitive advantage.”

Additional neighborhoods should be added to the list of areas where ordinance changes should be made, according to Commissioner Justin Jones.

As one of the redevelopment areas for numerous new bars, county officials have targeted Commercial Center. In an effort to revitalize the aging property and encourage new investment, Clark County recently amended its zoning regulations to allow multiple “taverns” with tabletop gaming.

There are probably one hundred businesses there. We could certainly have twenty or thirty bars, according to Commissioner Tick Segerblom.

“By and large, you don’t need bars excessively near one another. The distance between them has always been great. We want to make a place where locals can just hang out and have fun. From my point of view, the more compact and close to the area, the better: People are not required to drive. You can simply park somewhere. Go in, have a drink, and take an Uber home, if you could, he said.

Segerblom points out that the commissioner in charge of the area would lead redevelopment, and that stretches of bars must make sense for the area.

Owner of Rebar in the Arts District, Derek Stonebarger, is working on opening his concept called “Arty’s” at Commercial Center, which will have a steakhouse and art gallery open 24 hours a day. He stated that numerous restaurants and bars have expressed interest.

“It’s a brilliant business continue on the province’s part. In the Arts District, it worked. I think what’s in store is exceptionally splendid for Business Center. If you plan to travel around the city and visit a lot of bars, you often have to choose between purchasing six or eight Ubers. This is a very fine line to walk. However, it just makes sense when everything is concentrated in a single location. We can all share customers, making it a better night out. That’s what we do in the Arts District,” Stonebarger stated, hoping that other entrepreneurs and small businesses will contribute to the neighborhood.

Diletantish’s will have a local area occasion from 7 to 10 p.m. on May 18, joining forces with province authorities.

Within the next six weeks, officials responsible for business licensing will present commissioners of Clark County with options.