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Important Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home In Summerlin

There are some key improvements you need to do to your home to make it more attractive to buyers. So, apart from the usual cleaning, repainting, and all others, what are these key improvements?

Insulation: close the hatches

Sound insulation is one of the essential criteria of buyers. If your windows face a busy street and you do not have double glazing, it may be an improvement to consider. When considering changing your windows, bear in mind the dimensions, the materials you want to use, the quality of the glazing, or the choice of a custom or standard model. More generally, insulation work before the sale is always profitable. Indeed, energy performance diagnoses (EPDs) are essential criteria for buyers. A study has shown that homes with an excellent energy label (A) are priced higher than those with lower performance (D, E …) so chances are you will get your money back from the selling price.

Electrical insulation

The condition of your home’s electrical installation can affect the selling price. The reason is that electrical diagnosis is mandatory before the sale of a home aged five years or more. If a problem is detected, it may be wise to pay for it yourself, even though, as a seller, you are under no obligation to do the work. In fact, the electrical installation that is not up to standard can cast doubt on the potential buyer and encourage him to negotiate the purchase price down. Know that the cost of this work varies from about $200 for minor fixes and simple restoration, to $ 5,000 or more for a home where you must redo everything.

Outdoor environment: make a good impression

When visiting a house, the first impression is decisive. Of course, you will not repaint the façade or install a pool, the budget would be too high. But a few small, simple changes can bring a real boost to your home’s curb appeal. If the garden is fallow or littered with children’s toys, it may discourage potential buyers. Install a lovely garden or repaint your home fences. Put a few pots of flowers on the terrace and redo its coating if it is aging. These little changes will make your home immediately more welcoming!

Selling your home in Summerlin is best done with the help of an experienced real estate agent. Contact me today to help you get the best price for your home.