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As temperatures increase in Las Vegas, Is your air conditioner ready for summer?

Most people do not notice when their air conditioning system is in perfect working condition. They only realize it is faulty when it no longer works. A faulty HVAC system causes stress to the owner. Aside from the stress of dealing with weather elements, you have to worry about the problem of deciding if you need to fix the problem with your AC system or replace the entire thing.

There are boxes you need to tick that would help you in making your decision to repair or replace a damaged HVAC system. If making your decision yourself seem difficult, you could seek the opinion of a professional.

Repairing your AC system might seem like a cheaper route to go, but it’s not usually the best choice in most circumstance. To determine if your faulty AC unit requires repair, consider the following points.

Your HVAC System Is Less Than Ten Years Old

The age of your HVAC system is the first factor to consider when deciding to repair or replace. The estimated life span of an AC system is between ten to fifteen years. If your unit has not served you that long, then you might consider repairing. If your HVAC system is not up to ten or fifteen years doesn’t mean you won’t replace it if it malfunctions, but most issues developed by HVAC system less than ten years is usually a minor fix and cost less to repair.

You Have Checked the Ductwork

A lot of the time, when your AC develops a problem, it’s usually from the ductwork. Most of the time, thirty percent of the air leaks out through the ductwork before it gets into the house. If your HVAC system begins to malfunction, check your ductwork yourself or get a professional to inspect and seal all gaps.

You Have Carried Out Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your AC system saves you stress and money. It also prolongs the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Routine maintenance like cleaning debris, removing dust, and carrying out regular tune-ups would save you from HVAC inefficiency and failure.

Replacing your AC system might be the best option for you if all the steps below ticks positive.

Your HVAC System Is More Than Fifteen Years

If your AC system begins to malfunction around its fifteenth birthday, this is a sign that you need to replace. You might be able to fix what the problem is at the moment, but more issues would begin to creep up over time.

When There Is an Increase in Your Energy Bills

The older your AC system gets, the more energy it consumes. The reason behind this is that your unit is aging which means it’s becoming less efficient – it needs to work overtime to meet up with your home’s heating and cooling demand – consuming more power in the process.

Your HVAC Unit Isn’t Serving You Well

If you notice your AC system isn’t doing its job as it used to, maybe it’s time to replace, especially if the AC unit is nearing its fifteen year’s life span.

Your decision to repair or replace your AC unit can put you under a lot of stress as it comes down to cost. With the steps above, making the decision should be a lot easier.

Need a professional to handle the repair? Give me a call as I can recommend AC repair and installation experts in your neighborhood.